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Observation: Is the pet industry healthy or not? Layered for scanning!

Views:122 Author: Date:2019-11-11
With the improvement of people's living conditions and the pursuit of the diversity of life quality, the demand for pets by modern people is also expanding. Pets enter thousands of households, some of them set off the duties of the nursing home, and some bring psychological comfort and relieve stress.
Stimulated by the demand for pets, the pet industry that provides related supplies has also accelerated. Various pet stores and pet hospitals have sprung up in every corner of the city. Their services range from small animals to food, shelter, and sickness. The pet industry directly serves small animals, but its service content is inextricably linked to people's quality of life and public health. So, is the already large-scale pet industry growing healthily?
Scan 1 market level
There are more people in the family, and the relevant market is on fire—
"New Four" in the pet service industry
More and more people want to have pets or are raising pets. In all corners of the city, it is an indisputable fact that there are pets, dogs, pets and pets, and the number of pets and pet supporters has soared. The times are moving forward, pet owners from raising a cat, to hoping to raise a purebred cat; pets from eating human leftovers to eating professional pet food; pet-related shops from the , to the stars. The pet service industry has been formed and continues to grow and develop.
Variety of pets
Nowadays, many pet owners are pursuing the purity of pet breeds. Generally, dogs and cats cannot meet the needs of a new generation of pet owners. In the pet trading market, common dog breeds include Golden Retriever, Teddy, Husky, Schnauzer, Chihuahua, Bichon, Chow Chow, Labrador, etc. The cat breed also includes Scottish Fold, Siamese Cat, Russian blue cats, American shorthairs, British shorthairs, etc. Ms. Wang, a resident of Friendship South Road, told the reporter: "The dogs that are now in the community are almost all "in the spectrum". The most common and most favored Jingba has been less."
In addition to the pursuit of pure variety, the types of pets are also developed from the traditional meaning of dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc. to rabbits, rats, shrimps, frogs, lizards, etc. can become "pets." In the market of Baojidao flowers, birds and fish, it is not uncommon to sell “alternative pets”.
Enriched pet products
Walk into any pet supply store, where all kinds of goods that pets eat, wear, and use are dazzling. Mr. Chen’s “Pet Age” has been around for more than ten years. He is quite touched by the changes in the “life conditions” of pets: “The first thing to give cats a little yellow croaker with a stick face, it’s not long before the food is improved, probably 2003 At the time, I started to buy 7 yuan of cat food in Baoji Road. But after two years, there are more varieties of cat food, there are dry cat food and fresh canned food, and the price is generally reduced. But the price gap is still very high. Big, there are a few yuan a pound, and there are nearly 30 yuan a pound."
In addition to pet food, the life of Mr. Chen’s cat at home is becoming more and more “small capital”. Mr. Chen said: “Their “beds” are initially a few pieces of old clothes on a waste straw basket, which are now replaced with beautiful and comfortable shapes. The finished cat litter like a sofa. The professional cat toilet replaces the shoe box. There are also cat-scratching boards, funny cats, electric mice and other toys that are specially bought for them. Their lives are more and more colorful."
Large number of pet stores
As demand continues to expand, pet stores are beginning to become everywhere. The reporter entered the word "pet" on a map website and clicked on the search to immediately display the pet hospital, pet store, pet grooming shop and other related shops in Tianjin. The search results were about 500. Of the 10 pet-related stores in the six districts of the city that were randomly visited by reporters, seven were opened at the bottom of the residential community closest to the residential area.