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Can dogs eat vegetables to supplement vitamins?

Views:125 Author: Date:2019-11-11

Most dogs lack more or less trace elements, but they are most deficient in zinc and calcium. Dogs lack vitamins, but most of them will eat soil or wall coverings, and some dogs like to scribble. There is nothing wrong with it. Dogs also need to supplement trace elements. Just add trace elements to dogs and pay attention to the correct method. The trace elements required for dogs can be supplemented in the following foods:
First, meat: They are a good source of iron and zinc, and trace elements such as copper, manganese and selenium are also abundant. The most important thing is that the meat contains heme iron. The best for dogs is lean meat, chicken, etc. As for the meat bones, if it is a small and medium-sized dog, try to avoid eating thin bones such as chicken and sheep, so as not to scratch the body.
Second, aquatic products: Aquatic products are a good source of almost all trace elements, iodine and selenium in seafood are particularly rich. To eat fish, you should pick the thorns. If you are very careful, parents are not willing to eat fish, you can make up with beans and coarse grains.