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How to train a cat to remember its name

Views:131 Author: Date:2019-11-11
The average owner will give the cat a name to welcome a new member of the family. However, most cats are not as obedient as dogs, and they can remember their names after training a few times. So how do you train your cat to remember your own? What about the name?
To make your pet remember your name better, you should first give it a loud, short name. Although the cat is very sensitive to the sound, its name cannot be too long, and the two syllables are the best. And the clearer and louder the name, the easier it is for the cat to remember its name.
Training is essential to let the cat remember the name. Usually you can use the opportunity of feeding and games to call the cat's name and let the cat associate the name with all the happy things. And let it clearly distinguish the length and strength of the name sound. Let it form a conditioned reflex to the pronunciation of the name.
To let the cat remember its name, training must be repeated. From the first day of the cat's entry into the house, it is necessary to carry out targeted training. At the same time, usually call the cat's name often in life, talk to it, and call the cat's name when feeding and playing, so that it can remember its name faster.